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DSC_5040grey casual (low res 2-2018)David Kaplan has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years specializing in  payers/healthcare systems, market research, business analysis, pricing/contracting, modeling, and strategy development.

Prior to forming PharmEchelon LLC, David created and developed the payer market research function at Eli Lilly and Co.   As the Sr Director of Market Research, he had responsibility for all global and US payer market research at Lilly across their entire pharmaceutical portfolio starting from Phase I/II assets through product lifecycle.

He has broad experience in pricing and access strategy across nearly every therapeutic area, including diabetes, oncology, depression, antispsychotics, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, musculoskeletal, osteoporosis, cardiovascular, autoimmune diseases, men’s health, pain, devices, diagnostics, orphan diseases, and more.


Biopharmaceutical innovation has enabled us to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.  The demand for this innovation will only grow stronger due to the aging population, chronic diseases, emerging markets, and technologic advances.  But, with this innovation comes increasing pressure from payers to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and ultimately, demonstrate compelling value.

Over the past several years, payers are increasingly influencing the choices available to health care professionals and reimbursement for patients in far more dramatic ways.  So what will it take for companies to successfully commercialize products in this environment, and how can PharmEchelon help?

    • Understand payer requirements and incorporate pricing, access, and reimbursement considerations into drug development as early as stage II and certainly prior to phase III.  This understanding will shape a variety of clinical development decisions including:
        • What comparator/s should be used in the clinical trials
        • What indications and patient segments should be targeted in clinical trials
        • Order in which multiple indications should be launched to optimize revenues
        • Outcomes that meet unmet needs of stakeholders
        • Is the benefit clinically substantive to customers (including payers) — Clinically significant isn’t enough
    • Fully integrate and synthesize an understanding of the payer, physician, patient, and other stakeholders.  Understand the relative influence of each key player and how they will interact with each other
    • Develop a compelling value proposition that will resonate with targeted key players, including the payer.  This should succinctly answer the questions of who the product is targeted for and what makes it a better value for the money versus existing options
    • Understand how various launch price scenarios will impact access and reimbursement decisions across key payer segments.   Forecast the impact that each pricing/reimbursement/access scenario will have on the product market volume, revenues, and gross margins
  • Develop a contracting strategy that delivers the appropriate value to each key payer segment.  Forecast the impact of contracting/access decisions on product revenues

PharmEchelon is fully equipped to help answer these, and other  questions, with market research, data analysis, and strategic recommendations based on years of experience and deep expertise.